About Smateria


Smateria was established in Cambodia in 2006 by two Italian friends, Elisa and Jennifer. While Elisa's creativity flows in the unique product designs, Jennifer keeps the expanding business running successfully with her keen business savvy. Smateria transforms recycled and repurposed materials into gorgeous new fashion accessories by mixing Italian design and Khmer craftsmanship.

Smateria’s philosophy is to use materials that already exist, or that have already been used and create a whole new world of new perceptions and imagination. With this comes a keen eco-friendly message implying that you can of course look beautiful without being wasteful.

Smateria has a head for fashion made by happy people for passionate customers

In doing this Smateria:

  • Complies with international working practices.

  • Supports female workers to proudly embrace motherhood by welcoming their children into the workplace.

  • Encourages the creation of small independent firms.

  • Supports better living conditions in the shanty-town of Andong by employing 22 women in a project of working with recycled plastic.

  • Believes that, one day, fair trade practices will be employed equally by both large and small-label producers.

  • Strives for recognition of Cambodian managerial skills and promotion of local businesses rather than corporative organizations.

  • Recognizes that high product quality is achieved in a lively working environment where exchange of opinions is actively encouraged.



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